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Resolves Windows error codes to a readable error message or description.


  • Resolve-Error [-ErrorCode]


The Resolve-Error cmdlet is used to resolve Windows error codes to their message or description.

Occasionally Windows or Windows applications do not display a full error description when reporting a result state. Resolve-Error can be used to lookup the corresponding message.


  • ErrorCode The error code to resolve.


Resolve-Error accepts the error number itself or any object with a ReturnValue field as pipeline input


Resolve-Error returns a Vexasoft.ResolvedError object.


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Example 1

Resolve error is be used to resolve Windows error codes. This command will resolve error 1622 ("Error opening installation log file.").

c:\PS>Resolve-Error 1622

Example 1

Resolve-Error also accepts pipeline input. The error number can be piped directly or an object with a ReturnValue parameter may be used. This command resolves error 1150 ("The specified program requires a newer version of Windows.").

c:\PS>1150 | Resolve-Error