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Gets the Remote Desktop settings and requirements of a local or remote computer.


  • Get-RemoteDesktop [-ComputerName] [-Credential]


The Get-RemoteDesktopConfig cmdlet is used to retrieve the requirements for Remote Desktop connections on the local or a remote computer, and the status of the Remote Desktop (TermService) service.


  • ComputerName The computer against which to run the cmdlet. By default this parameter will be populated with the name of the local computer.
  • Credential The credentials under which to run the cmdlet. By default this cmdlet will run as the current user. Using this parameter and the Get-PSCredential cmdlet you can specify an alternate set of credentials under which to execute this command.


Get-RemoteDesktopConfig accepts pipeline input only for the ComputerName parameter and requires that the input object contain a property named either Computer, CN or ComputerName.


Get-RemoteDesktopConfig outputs a Vexasoft.RDPConfig object detailing the remote desktop settings and status.


The Get-RemoteDesktopConfig cmdlet requires that the RPC service is started on the computer it is trying to access and that DNS services are available to resolve target host names.

Example 1

This command will retrieve the remote desktop settings of the local computer:


Example 2

Identical to the first example, but aimed at a remote machine, this command will retrieve the remote desktop settings of computer PC01:

C:\PS>Get-RemoteDesktopConfig -ComputerName PC01