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Gets the general hardware, operating system and domain status of a local or remote computer.


  • Get-ComputerInfo [-ComputerName] [-Credential]


Get-ComputerInfo returns general hardware, operating system and domain information about the local or a remote computer. Information returned includes the manufacturer, model and serial number of the computer; the processor and RAM configuration; the operating system, operating system architecture and service pack level; and the machine's full DNS name, its domain and whether the machine is domain joined.


  • ComputerName The computer against which to run the cmdlet.
  • Credential The credentials to use when executing the cmdlet.


Get-ComputerInfo accepts pipeline input for the ComputerName parameter and requires that the input object contain a property named either Computer, CN or ComputerName.


Get-ComputerInfo returns a Vexasoft.ComputerSummary object containing the retrieved computer details.


The cmdlet requires that the Remote Registry and RPC services are started on the computer it is trying to access and that DNS services are available to resolve target host names.

Example 1

This command will get general information about computer PC01:

c:\PS>Get-ComputerInfo PC01

Example 2

Get-ComputerInfo accepts pipeline input for the computer name parameter if the input objects have a computer, computername or cn parameter. This command will return information about all computers stored in the $ComputerList variable:

c:\PS>$ComputerList | Get-ComputerInfo

Example 3

Multiple computers can be specified to Get-ComputerInfo using a comma separated list. This command will retrieve information from computers PC01, PC02 and PC03:

c:\PS>Get-ComputerInfo PC01, PC02, PC03