Alisdair Craik

Alisdair Craik


New versions of the Cmdlet Library are out now with Windows 8 and PowerShell 3 support

It’s a double update this week. Two versions of PowerShell means two versions of the Cmdlet Library.

For all you pioneers toiling away in the benevolent wilds of PowerShell 3.0, we have version 3.0 of the Library. Updated to run with .Net 4 and including support for Windows 8 and Server 2012, version 3 contains all the commands and functionality of the existing Cmdlet Library built for a PowerShell 3 environment. Purchased Cmdlet Library 2 licenses continue to be valid for version 3 when installed on the currently licensed operating system. If you’re doing an OS reinstall you’ll need a new key, which we’ll be sending out this week. You can also contact support if you run into any difficulties.

For those of you still comfortably ensconced in the familiar bosom of PowerShell 2.0 we also have version 2.8 of the Library. It’s all the same functionality as version 3, including Windows 8 support, but built for PowerShell 2. Version 2.8 is the last major update of Cmdlet Library 2 – any new commands and features will be going into version 3 from now on.

And, speaking of new commands, two new cmdlets have been added to the Library:

Get-MaintenanceSchedule retrieves the automatic maintenance settings in Windows 8. Automatic maintenance replaces the scheduling of Windows Updates in Windows 8 and Server 2012 and this cmdlet replaces Get-WindowsUpdateAgent when dealing with update scheduling in these operating systems.

Set-MaintenanceSchedule allows you to configure automatic maintenance. This cmdlet replaces the scheduling elements of Set-WindowsUpdateAgent on Windows 8 and Server 2012 computers.

So that’s it. Both versions are out now on our (slightly messy) download page.

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